Welcome to the Apple Powermac G4 Tower Value Guide.

Find the value of your G4 tower.
Use this guide to quickly find the value of almost any Apple G4 Tower configuration. This guide is intended for information only. Please press the "Calculate!" button below to start entering the configuration information. Price estimates are based on ebay and online market component values.


This value guide ONLY deals with Apple Powermac G4 Towers with OEM processors. (Though not necessarily OEM specifications.) This guide does not compensate for shipping costs, taxes, non-working machines, or other items included in sales / auctions such as monitors and software. This Value Guide is presented and maintained by the-ish.com.

This guide is free, and you may use it as much as you like. It does, however, cost me money to host it, and takes a significant amount of my time to keep it accurate. If you use this guide, please consider donating a small amount to help alleviate the costs of running it. Any tiny amount is hugely appreciated. :)

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